The GelMoment Nail Spa Collection

GelMoment Nail Spa Range - Fortify, Purify, Refine & Revitalize

Strong Nails & Gel Polish Removal Made Easy

The secret weapon for easy removals and stronger nails is ‘Fortify’ our nail hardening Nail Spa treatment. 

You apply Fortify onto bare nails as you would a normal nail lacquer, and wait for it to air dry. Once it has completely dried, you can apply your gel polish straight over the top of it. Your nails are strengthened and protected by the fortify for a long-lasting manicure. 

When it’s time to remove your gel polish, leave the remover sachet on your nails for 5-10 minutes and watch the polish peel away from the nails like magic.

Any residue of Fortify can be removed by simply wiping with a new remover sachet. If you’re wearing Fortify alone, you don’t need to soak it first. 

Invigorate your nails to promote healthy growth

Revitalize Nail Spa is a ‘between polish applications’ treatment to help promote healthy nail growth using a unique layered formula. Just shake it up, paint it on and let it absorb into your nail until dry. 

Your solution for polish that doesn’t stick

If you find that nail polish doesn’t stick to your nails, it’s likely that you have what we call ‘oily’ nails. Having naturally oilier nails means that many types of nail products will have a hard time sticking to your nails, or the life of your manicure might be reduced. 

Purify is a nail primer and cleanser that was designed with this in mind. It removes some oil from the nail plate and primes the nail for painting to help you get the best results from your GelMoment manicure. 

Just paint it on and wait for it to dry, then apply polish as normal. 

Clean up your cuticles

The most beautiful polish application can be ruined by messy cuticles or jagged fingertips, and hang nails can be painful too. So prepping your cuticles properly before your manicure will make a lot of difference to the finished look. 

GelMoment Gel polish needs a ‘dry’ application, which means we want to keep our hands away from water. The drier our hands and nails are, the better! So how to soften your cuticles if you can’t soak them?
‘Refine’ cuticle gel from the GelMoment Nail Spa collection.  A sweep of this gel will soften your cuticles so that you can push them back with your cuticle pusher tool, including any ‘invisible’ cuticle that might be attached to the nail plate. 

Cuticle nippers can help deal with any hang nails or jaggy bits to give you a perfectly framed nail canvas.