How to Join GelMoment

You already know that you WANT to join GelMoment, (and hopefully why) – so here are some quick tips on how to join and how to get started with your new GelMoment business.

Step 1) Choose your sponsor.

In general, there are two schools of thought regarding this, and I want to say straight up that I don’t think that there’s a wrong or a right way. Go with what resonates and feels best for YOU.

Option one: The ‘join with the person that told you about it’ approach (first in best dressed/ friends first)
Option two: The ‘join with the person you see yourself succeeding most with’ approach (CEO-mode)

Remember: By choosing a sponsor, you are not choosing a boss.
In direct sales, your success (or failure – yes, I said it) is entirely your own.

Choose a good fit for you – your sponsor will be your main point of contact and the person that guides you through the first steps of your new business. You want this to be someone that you an communicate easily with.

  • Many companies (including GelMoment) don’t let you change sponsor/upline after you have signed up unless you close your account and ‘start again’ with someone else.
  • If your sponsor decides to quit their GelMoment business, you will ‘roll up’ to their sponsor and become part of their level 1 team.
  • If you find after some time that you don’t get along with your sponsor, there is no rule that says that you have to work together or stay in touch.

When I joined GelMoment, there was still an option to sign up to the company directly (without a sponsor) but I chose not to do that. I figured, why not have my efforts help earn someone else some money? My own candle wouldn’t burn any dimmer if I used it to light someone else’s.  [candle = paycheck, stay with me here]

When I joined, I hadn’t connected with my sponsor at all. I had no idea who she was. But I knew that if we didn’t get along, it was no big deal – I’d just do my own thing, and I was “only joining for the discount” anyway!  As it turns out, once I saw the potential of the opportunity I’d stumbled into, I wanted more than just the discount. If at the time I joined, I thought I would be running a business, I might have spent longer looking for a sponsor that would help me achieve my goals… or maybe not. I’m a DIY, figure it out kinda girl anyway.

One of the great things about the multi-level business model is that there is always support available for you. This support usually comes first and strongest from your sponsor, but if that relationship doesn’t work out for whatever reason, there is support from all directions: UP- upline (your sponsors’ sponsor), DOWN- from your own team (learn & grow together) and SIDEWAYS (leaders and friends from another team). The amount of team spirit I’ve seen with GelMoment has been incredible.

So choose wisely, but don’t get hung up on your decision – go with your gut.
Now you’ve picked a sponsor you’d like to work with, what’s next?

Step 2) Purchase your Enrollment Kit.

GelMoment head office keeps the sign up process simple with an easy online signup and no complicated kit options – just one great value kit with everything you need to get started.
The enrollment kit changes each month but always represents great value – usually containing the equivalent of one of our customer kits plus extras like sales tools and business materials.

We welcome personal shoppers and business builders into the team, and the starting kit is the same regardless of what you want to get out of your GelMoment account.
There are a few things to consider if you’re just-in-it-for-the-discount:

  • The polishes in the enrollment kit are pre-selected – you don’t get to choose them like you do with retail customer kits.
  • Distributors order everything at retail price, and then your commission percentage goes into your ewallet account. Your ewallet account fee for the first year is included in your signup kit price, and there are different options for transferring your commission to your bank account or to a GelMoment pre-paid credit card.
  • You can’t add to an enrollment kit order – this is because you wouldn’t earn your commission on the items until you have an active account.
  • Once set up, you can use your account straight away for personal purchases or to sell products through your own webpage.

Signing up online: View the current enrollment kit here. Then simply click through the webpage to be taken through the joining process.

  1. Click the ‘Join {Sponsor’s) Team’ button.
  2. Make sure that you’ve read through the t&cs and p&ps and understand them.
  3. Fill out the form.
  4. Click ‘Register’

Once you have filled out the signup form, you will be taken through to the shopping cart where you can complete your purchase of the enrollment kit.
Careful – If you don’t go all the way through the cart to payment at this point you may run into troubles logging in to do this later, so just keep on going all the way through!

Step 3) Wait for your delivery.

This is the hardest part! Enrollment kit orders can take 10-14 days to arrive.
Use that time to start talking to people about your new business and learn as much as you can. Book some appointments for one-on-one demos and arrange a date for your launch parties and you’ll be ready to BOOM as soon as you open that box.

If you’re ready to join GelMoment and want to be part of my team, the GellyBabes, you can click here to choose me as your sponsor.

If you think you’d resonate better with a different sponsor, there’s no hard feelings! You’re still welcome to become a GellyBabe – I’d be happy to introduce you to someone I think will be a great fit for you – maybe you’ll find your perfect sponsor match!