New GelMoment Colour Chart – April 2021

GelMoment Colour Chart current as at April 2021

New GelMoment Colour Chart – Updated April 2021 

Wow! That’s a lot of gel polish!
It’s incredible for me to look back on what we had when I first joined GelMoment and see how far we’ve come in a few short years. From just a handful of colours, with not a sparkle in sight, we now have over 100 colours in our range as well as special effect top coats, nail art gels, stamping and chrome powders.
It’s wonderful to be working with a company who listens to what their customers and distributors are saying – I look at this new GelMoment colour chart and see so many of my ‘wishes’ fulfilled.

It’s easy to find the perfect nail colour to go with an outfit, a mood or a special event.
You can also mix our colours together or layer them to create new shades – it’s so much fun to experiment with.
If you need help deciding which colours to add to your collection next, I have a whole gallery of photos of actual-polish on actual-nails to share with you. If you’re local to me in Perth, Western Australia, I could even arrange an in-person meetup for you to see my swatches in real life. Why not get a group of folks together and make a day of it?

What is your favourite GelMoment colour? How many can you tick off this list?