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I'm Bec - The 'red' and the Rebecca behind Redbecca. I'm here to inspire you to live your happiest life. I'm in the process of changing my own life with direct sales, nails and cocktails.
I'm an independent GelMoment distributor based in Perth, Western Australia.
I work a full time management job, love to make things pretty and always want to learn something new.
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Our Team

The Gellybabes

I'm going to level with you. I joined GelMoment for the discount. I stayed because I saw what a huge opportunity it was to change my life and the lives of others. Our team, The GellyBabes, work together to support and encourage each other. We're truly lighting up the world one nail at a time.

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Why I love GelMoment

It’s easy, fast and beautiful!

LED Lamp

Gel Polish dries in 60 seconds

Under our portable LED lamp
Cuticle Tools

It's fun and easy to use

Using the right tools for a task makes it easier. Our products are carefully designed for the best results every time.
Gel Polish

The colours are gorgeous

The ultimate in DIY Gel Polish, there's a colour (or a few) for everyone and every occasion.